SaaS Go-To-Market Program
Accelerate growth to $3M ARR and beyond with an Unstoppable Sales Funnel by following a proven step-by-step framework in building a Go-To-Market machine.
  • Clarify your Ideal Customer Profile
  • ​Develop your Strategic Narrative & Manifesto
  • ​​​​Run a Broadway Show That Drives Growth
  • ​Accelerate Your Path to $3M ARR and Beyond
In the SaaS GTM program, you'll learn how to build and execute on an Unstoppable Sales Funnel to generate quality leads, increase the number of customer insights, and accelerate revenue growth for your B2B SaaS business.
Join The SaaS GTM Program and I Can Help You Scale your SaaS business to The Next Stage of Growth.
Firstly, here's what DOESN'T work (if you're just starting out): Quit Your Job, Take the Plunge, Buy A Laptop, a WeWork Membership, and then stare at a blank screen and ask.... What's my startup idea and how do I raise money as I see my savings dwindle. 

Here's also what DOESN'T work (and maybe you know this one already but have fallen into the trap like I did): hemming and hawing back and forth between committing to thriving in a corporate job vs. thinking about taking the plunge and going all in on my startup. And then looking at my savings and wondering if it's worth risking it all. And then dwindling into a state of near depression because you're stuck at an unfulfilling (albeit successful) career... and wondering: is this it?

If you've already doubled down on your SaaS business and are struggling to figure out product market fit, and struggling to figure out your GTM strategy, and struggling to figure out growth.... Here's one last thing that DOESN'T WORK (I fell into this trap too): It's easy to fall into the "I'm just ONE more feature away..." and the "If ONLY we build this then they'll buy..." trap.  What I learned is it's never that one extra feature, it's about a cohesive growth strategy.

I've been there. And then I (almost accidentally through my limited circumstances) bumped into the RIGHT way. This involved adopting an Unstoppable Mindset (as a Founder) and an Unstoppable Sales Funnel (as a company). And that changed EVERYTHING. 
OK. Now, here are the strategies that DO work (and worked for me) all of which I distilled into this Unstoppable Sales Funnel framework:

Strategy #1: Clarity & Mindset First

I learned that if I was going to start a business and scale it, I'd need to create a new identity for myself. Someone that embraced both shipping code AND closing deals. Someone that wasn't afraid to get in front of customers. How? I focused on getting crystal clear on WHY this was important to me which made it a MUST for me to shift.

Strategy #2: Build an Audience; Give Them What They Want

I learned that while I had ideas on what would make for a great startup, it only mattered if the market agreed. And so I learned that it was important to get specific about WHO I wanted to serve (my ideal customer) and build an audience with these peope... and as I did that, I learned that they would just tell me what problems they wanted solved.

Strategy #2:  Ship Code. Close Deals.

I hated "selling." But when I started to think of it as "teaching" and "educating" everything changed. I realized that I had a unique POV as a Startup Founder and that's why I built my product. And as I shared that with my audience, I was able to hear from them on how it resonated, what they cared about, and it led to me shipping code (to make the product batter) and closing deals.
In this Program: I break down building and executing on your Unstoppable Sales Funnel into 3 easy to follow steps That you Can Deploy Within Weeks of Joining The Program

I'll then coach you to iterate and improve on your GTM machine over the next 12 Months.

Clarify Your Ideal Customer
The Riches Are in the Niches.

Amazon started by selling books online. Now they sell everything to everyone, everywhere.

We will start by defining your Ideal Customer Profile and more importantly hone in on the subset of the market that is most likely to purchase your SaaS solution now so you can focus on the right market segment.
Clarify Your Value Proposition
Lead A Movement With Your Manifesto.

Great software companies sell by teaching, leading movements and building authority with their target buyers.

We'll craft your value proposition and a strategic narrative so you can explain why you do what you do and the transformative way your product solves customer problems.
Build & Run Your Sales Funnel
Ship Code. Close Deals.

Buyers only trust you when you are entering a conversation already happening in their head.

Armed with your ICP and your Manifesto/Narrative, we'll guide you to run your sales funnel and broadway show to attract buyers so you can ship code, close deals, and accelerate your growth.
You'll Get The Training, Blueprints, Coaching & Accountability You Need To Implement Your Unstoppable Sales & Marketing Funnel

GTM Training and Blueprints

Unstoppable Sales Funnel Training

I will teach you step-by-step through my video training how to build a growth engine and an  Unstoppable Sales & Marketing Funnel.

Unstoppable Sales Funnel Blueprint

I've incorporated EVERYTHING I know about building a Go-To-Market machine into this one tracker that I'll walk you through filling out step-by-step as you work through the course.

Exclusive Training & Community

SaaS Training Library

You'll get access to my curated library of SaaS training and my private podcast -- that helps you further develop your core strategy around product, fundraising, and go-to-market to further drive growth.

SaaS Mastermind

By joining, you'll get access to my private community of other  SaaS Founders who are all building an Unstoppable Sales Funnel and GTM machine to scale their SaaS businesses.

Coaching & Accountability

Wednesday Group Call

My Wednesday Zoom calls are all about your strategy and execution. The calls agenda includes hot seats, deep dives into specific SaaS growth topics, and Q&A as you work through the program.

1on1 Strategy Calls

During our strategy calls, we'll review your metrics, your progress, and I will give you live coaching and feedback and help you navigate the path to the next stage of growth.
Who is TK?
(and why did I create this program?)
Hi. I’m TK. I’m an entrepreneur, a business builder, and a life and business strategist. I believe that you can achieve anything through belief, discipline and an unstoppable strategy.

At Age 10 I immigrated to the United States. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I had plenty of fits and starts. But it wasn't until I turned 28 did I finally say "enough is enough" and I took the plunge to start my SaaS business, ToutApp, which made software for salespeople. 

At ToutApp, as a solo founder, I raised over $20m in capital from, a16z and Jackson Square, two of the best venture capital firms in the world and built it from $0 to a multi-million dollar business. And at Marketo (after selling ToutApp to them), I worked with one of the best SaaS PE firms in the world, to deliver one of the biggest and quickest SaaS transactions with its $4.75bn sale to Adobe.

Through my journey, I learned how to start, build, scale (and exit) SaaS businesses. At age 37, as I reflected on what I wanted to do next, I found that I was happiest when I was in a room full of SaaS founders building incredible businesses. This is why I took everything I've learned and distilled it down into a framework that I teach inside the SaaS GTM Program. Join our community of Founders and let's go build incredible SaaS businesses. 
In the SaaS GTM program, you'll learn how to build and execute on an Unstoppable Sales Funnel to generate quality leads, increase the number of customer insights, and accelerate revenue growth for your B2B SaaS business.
Scale your B2B SaaS business with the SaaS GTM Program and an Unstoppable Sales & Marketing Funnel
Here's everything you get as part of the SaaS GTM Program:
  • ​Unstoppable Sales Funnel Training where I will teach you step by step how to build and run your Unstoppable Sales Funnel to consistently build authority, an audience, and generate revenue.
  • ​​Wednesday Group Coaching Calls w/TK where I will guide you in building and executing on your Unstoppable Sales Funnel. The calls agenda includes Hot Seats, deep dives into specific SaaS growth topics, and Q&A as you work through the program.
  • 1on1 Strategy Sessions w/TK where we'll review your metrics and I will give you live coaching as you codify your core strategy and execute on your Unstoppable Sales Funnel to drive growth. 
  • 1-Year SaaS Community Membership which will give you full access to my SaaS Training Library, Private Community and Private Blog so you have all the exclusive resources you need to accelerate your path to the next stage of growth for your SaaS business.
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How It Works
The GTM Program is a paid coaching program, and only for B2B SaaS Founders looking to follow a proven framework (which I've battle-hardened over the past 15 years and 3 exited SaaS businesses) to accelerate the growth of their SaaS business. Is that you? The better the fit, the better the results.

You will need to complete the SaaS GTM Program application form that will ask you 5+ questions about you and your SaaS business including a great time to do a strategy call around your SaaS business.

I've specifically designed this program to create no extra work for you, but only to give you a framework to do the things you need to anyway QUICKER and without making common mistakes. By following the steps in the program and with my coaching, you'll be able to build a scalable Go-To-Market machine that helps you accelerate revenue growth.

Once we've received your application, one of two things will happen…
  • If I feel as though you may be a good fit for the program, we'll get on a Zoom call for a strategy session around your business.
  • If I don’t think we can help you through the GTM program given where you are, I will let you know kindly and will likely direct you to some helpful resources.
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