The 45-Day Beast Mode Challenge
I'll teach you the ONE trick you need to know to make these work.
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Countless times in my career as a bootstrapped founder, a venture backed founder, and then as a tech executive at the company that bought the company I founded, there were times where I needed MORE focus, MORE sense of urgency, and MORE determination to get us to the next level.

Whether it was during good times or bad times, I used a simple 45-Day challenge to get un-stuck, focused, and execute in beast mode.

If you're looking to change the trajectory of your company by driving focus, then a series of 45-Day challenges can make the difference in your company like it did for mine. 

After I unlocked the secrets to doing these 45-day challenges the right way, I always used it as a reliable tool to drive change, focus, and execution on a singular goal either for my own special project or for major initiatives across my teams or the entire company --  so that we could get to the next level.

In this completely FREE guide, I include:
  • A 10-minute video on how I do 45-day challenges to change the trajectory in life & business
  • ​A simple step-by-step guide that explains why 45-day challenges work and how to do them
  • ​A weekly "pause and reflect" system that you can follow every Sunday to hone in on how you're doing and how to adapt your plan.
The strategies I teach you in this guide has been invaluable for me to grow myself and my businesses, and I am incredibly excited to be sharing it with you.
belief x discipline makes you unstoppable
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